Building an annexe is one of the best ways to add extra rooms to utilise your outdoor space. Besides, it can enhance your lifestyle while giving your home a whole new look. Most people build an annexe to accommodate growing teens or young adults who need to have their own space. It’s much cheaper than building a new house, but it gives independence to the users. A well-built annexe is highly functional, and there are lots of designs you can select.

What’s an annexe?

An annexe, also called a granny flat, is a self-contained unit, an extension of the main building. A granny flat offers living accommodation but may entrance and other standard services with the main house. Typically, an annexe is associated with the main house, but it provides a likeable degree of independence – the occupier feels like they are in their own space.

A suitable annexe offers a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. So, you can live in an annexe without depending on the main house.

Is it expensive to build an annexe?

The exact cost of building an annexe varies with many factors, including the type of building materials, whether it’s free-standing, and the number of rooms. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, a wooden annexe might be the right option. Again, a free-standing annexe is much less expensive to construct than the one connected to the main house.

However, expect to pay between 2710 to 3400 AUD per square metre to get a basic quality annexe on the lower end. The cost may be higher if you factor in connection services. If its an extension, it will cost lower than an outbuilding.

  • Annexe Ideas

An annexe is a sizable construction considering it’s a self-contained space. You can make them appealing by trying the following ideas:

  • Themed Build

Most annexes usually have timber frames with a cladding finish on the exterior. You can change this bland look to appealing. For instance, you can paint with a bright colour to pop against a green background. Alternatively, give a country cottage look by using a light colour with brick accents.

The theme should suit the style of the occupant. For teenagers, bright colour pops alongside comfy furniture can be pleasant. However, for most occupants, minimal colour alongside a modern, sleek design can be a safe bet.

  • Shepherd Hut

A shepherd hut is an excellent option for individuals who need a customised annexe. You can give specific requirements to the builders – includes the size and type of additions you need. Good thing; this hut can be constructed at a different site then transported to the ideal location.

  • Shipping Container

This is a less conventional option. It’s cost-effective, and they offer spacious accommodation. If one container isn’t enough, you can combine multiple pieces to create a larger space.

You can make small tweaks to the container – interior and exterior to create something contemporary. Minimalistic furniture and an open-plan space might be an excellent idea.

You can design them to have all the essential amenities, but they may not be ideal for the elderly.

Lighting options are also crucial in annexes. A drop pendant lighting works well with most annexes as it gives you a breakfast bar and dining definition.

Laminate flooring is standard in annexes; however, you can use Oak to inject warmth and give a country cottage look.