One of the most valuable appliances of any home is an air conditioner. The air flowing in any space of the home is guaranteed fresh and clean whether the air conditioning system is a window AC, split-type, or ducted air conditioning system.

This shows the importance of scheduling regular maintenance work on a home’s air conditioning system. A properly-working and trouble-free air conditioning system is ensured with regular air conditioning servicing. 

A noisy air conditioner or water leaking from the unit is just some of the things that an air conditioning servicing can help with.

Yet, what are the things expected from an air conditioning servicing?

Overall inspection

An overall inspection is expected from a reputable air conditioning servicing. Looking for any faults in the condenser unit, evaporator unit, fan motor, compressor, thermostat, and other components of an air conditioning system are checked and identified.

Identifying the issues with an air conditioning system ensures an air conditioning system working at its optimum. Optimising an air conditioning system means having it regularly inspected, maintained, and repaired by professional air conditioning service.

Air filter and fin cleaning

An operating air conditioning system is bound to collect a huge amount of debris and dust. An air conditioning system that does not provide cool air or shows ice formation means having the dust and debris cleared and cleaned by professional air conditioning servicing. The service includes thorough washing and cleaning of the fin as well.

Check-up and cleaning the air conditioning system

Checking to see if an air conditioning system is dripping water is one of the steps an air conditioning servicing does. This includes checking the pipes and tubes of the air conditioning system to identify the source of the leakage if any. Removing debris and dirt is also done as the AC servicing checks for signs of leakage.

Check the coolant level

The coolant level of an air conditioning system needs regular check-ups. An air conditioning system that stops working means trouble with its coolant levels. The cooling coil temperature dropping below the normal level usually causes this issue. Returning the normal level of the AC’s coolant is a job that air conditioning servicing can quickly handle.

Clean the AC’s condenser and evaporate fan

One of the services included in an air conditioning servicing is clearing and cleaning dust and mould from its condenser and evaporate fan. The location of an AC fan depends on its type. For instance, the condenser and evaporate fan of a split type air conditioner is located in its outdoor/external unit.

Clean the AC’s condenser and evaporate coil

An overheating air conditioning system means that a huge amount of dust and debris blocks its condenser and evaporate coil. An air conditioning servicing will do a thorough cleaning of the condenser and evaporate coil of an air conditioning system to make it function like new. While doing this, the air conditioning servicing will also ensure that all its components are cleared and cleaned as well.

Ensuring the proper function of an air conditioning system is the most important service provided by reputable air conditioning servicing. Identifying the issues that stop an air conditioning system from functioning at its peak are the steps an air conditioning servicing does. Contact us at Hinterland Air Conditioning to know more about our offered services.